I’m NOT a number!

Having spent the last three years around more physicians, health care providers, and specialists of all types, my family and I have noticed a dramatic range in philosophies when it comes to building rapport and relationships within our health care system. Who hasn’t visited a business and felt like another “number” waiting.  How enjoyable is it to find a practitioner who is timely (or very close to on schedule) and will spend quality time with you, listening, making notes, and discussing a condition, plan or procedure. That is satisfying health care for the patient as well as the provider.

We’ve had the great fortune of interacting with many such practices and I hope you have, too. How do we work towards achieving timely, quality, and enjoyable initial visits for our patients? At White Dental Studio, working with patients as individual people has time and again proven to result in better communication, improved understanding of the complexities of the oral environment and condition of the dentition, as well as comfortable establishment of expectations and treatment planning. Reserving time specifically for individual people allows us to provide an optimal level of care, as well as the opportunity to discuss questions, concerns, or where a patient is traveling for the summer.

We strive to achieve these and other goals in the initial visit. I also offer meet and greet opportunities where the staff and I will take time to sit down and get to know each other. In 2015, time is of incredible value. The quality of a relationship built with one patient over a reserved period of time is far more valuable to all of us than the quantity of appointments that could be accommodated in that same amount of time.

Thank you to the many who have chosen to join us already at White Dental Studio, conveniently located on North Main across from the Breadboard.

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Dr. Brandon White

From the moment you walk in the door of White Dental Studio, we want you to feel comfortable.  That’s our #1 goal.  We understand how past dental experiences can affect the way you feel each and every time you visit the dentist.  Dr. White has hand-picked his staff to be courteous, patient, and understanding. When you visit us, you’re like family.  We offer exceptional, gentle dental care.

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