Our world is transforming. Quickly. There is no doubt about that

The remaining question is which direction will it go? The answer depends on how smart and hard we are willing to work – and what we are willing to invest of ourselves right now and in the next few years.

Our decisions in the near term will determine whether the world moves toward ecological health, collaboration, and a safe climate, or whether it moves toward increasing ecological degradation, conflict, and catastrophic climate change.

We know which direction we want the world to move. We expect you do too.

At the Geos Institute, we work to keep communities whole in the face of climate change.

We focus on natural and human communities. Our aim is to fundamentally change how we manage rivers, forests, and communities in order to ensure a future world that can take care of our children and the wildlife species that share it.

We envision people and nature both having what they need.

At the Geos Institute, we are in this for the long haul. And, while the current leadership in Washington D.C. and in many states has set us back, we have not taken our eye off the goal.

While we are making tactical decisions with our allies to counter the

moves of the Trump/Pence administration, our long-term goal remains the same – keeping natural and human communities whole in the face of climate change.

We invite you to join us.

Over the past seven months since the election, many foundations have shifted their funding to deal with immediate, direct attacks from this administration. It’s good and necessary work. But so too is the work to create the long-term change we need – the work that needs to be done so that we are able to create real, enduring change the next time political fortunes shift. And they will shift.

At the Geos Institute, we do that long-term work. And we would like you to do it with us by making a monthly commitment to a safe climate at this link: Our goal is $5,000 invested monthly in this work by our neighbors and friends in southern Oregon by September. You can put your values into action by going to the website and choosing to contribute $10, $25, $50, or even more each month. Or you can make a one-time donation. We appreciate all contributions.

By working together we can make a real difference for nature, our communities, and our children.

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