Daytripper Delights: A few treats to grab on-the-go and sweeten your wild highway (or byway) adventures this month!

* Cocoa Crackle Cookie: A toothsome cross between a brownie and a regular cookie, this Co-op treat is full of chocolate flavor (and chips!) and tops the list for a good reason – it is that good. $1.50 each.

* Lemon Cupcake: Made by My Sweet Ol’ Etcetera, one of my favorite bakeries (and also available at the Co-op), this is for passengers who prefer the brighter, tangier side of the dessert spectrum; the moist cupcake and creamy tang of the Lemon Buttercream will distract even the most talkative family members (or hitchhikers). $2.50 each.

* Fresh Berry Tartlet: Summer in a shortbread shell, folks! A vanilla-sweet buttery crust cradles the smooth, cool pastry cream on which the RIPE juicy (straw)berries lounge, awaiting your first blissful bite. At Mix, ’nuff said. $3.50 each.

Next Month: I Scream, You Scream…you know the rest.

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