Why You May Shed Weight Slower Then You Gained It.

We’d like to think that our bodies work like cars-press the accelerator to go faster, tap the brakes to slow down. But our bodies metabolic switches don’t quite work that way: we may not gain or lose weight at the rate in which we expect to. When we have inflammation, our bodies are less efficient., meaning that we burn more calories-as a way to protect you, even as you gain weight. As we lose weight and decrease inflammation, our bodies go back to being efficient, and we may not burn calories at the proportional rate in which we gained them. So when we eat the right foods and more efficiently metabolize them, weight also may stall temporarily-meaning you may still be heavy, but not have as many health risks associated with the weight.

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Kit Crumb

The Ashland Fitness Studio is a unique personal Gym where the client has the facility to themselves and may work alone or with a personal trainer. Begin with a reading of body lean/fat as a point of reference then on to cardio to burn the sugar so that the remainder of the workout burns fat. Always end with core. With this approach goals are reached faster and easier and there is no risk of injury or plateau

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