How to Get Featured in LocalGuide

Here at LocalsGuide, we often hear from folks wanting to know how they can feature their business, practice or organization in the Monthly. Here are a few ways:

Take out an ad — Make it interesting
Post an event — Engage the audience
Blog about your company — Share an insider’s tip
Write a “Day in the Life of…” — Flavor with humor
Hold a Reality Challenge — Put your product to the test
Ask a friend to review your business  — Keep it genuine
Contact a member to review your business — Comp them

You may note that the LocalsGuide staff is not involved in any of the suggestions above. That’s because our unique model emphasizes a form of reporting called Citizen Journalism. We look to our website members to provide the articles that fill the print publication every month. If you have a story to tell, our members are the people you want to tell it.

There’s only one catch:
We choose only the most interesting and engaging content to print in our Monthly publication. Capture our attention with a truly interesting and engaging story, and it might just make it into the next issue of LocalsGuide Monthly.

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