Oregon Cabaret Theatre is known for creating our own very special holiday shows and especially our Pantos. Panto is short for pantomime, though they are anything but silent. Pantos are traditional holiday entertainment in Britain these days but the form dates back more than 250 years. Based on a fairy tale or folk tale, they take great liberties with the story. The humor is broad and involves lots of puns, local jokes and topical humor. There is always a “dame” part (man playing a female role), outrageous costumes and the audience shouts or sings back to the actors on the stage.  In England it wouldn’t be Christmas without taking the family to the Panto during the holidays.

The Cabaret has borrowed that tradition and since 1992 has created five original Pantos which have delighted our audiences: Cindy Rella, Alice In Panto-Land, Ali Baba, Snow White & Several Dweebs and The Wizard of Panto-Land. Based on the classic Wizard of Oz story (with lots of unexpected twists), it’s one of our most popular shows and we’re happy to bring it back this year with most of the same cast members.

Bill Varble in the Medford Mail Tribune:
“This time out Dorothy and her pals find themselves in Ozegon on the Yellow Brick Road to Crater Lake, where their ultimate destination is – what else? – Wizard Island. (It’s) an outrageous potpourri of twisted narrative, song, dance, wit and eye-candy creations of designers Kerri Lea Robbins and Michael Halderman.”

Don Beacham in Sneak Preview
“It’s a wonderful night’s entertainment for the whole family and a great holiday treat. The story, music and lyrics are original and in some places bizarre in the best sense of the word. My personal favorite is “Highway 62”. You will leave with a smile on your face.”

The Wizard of Panto-Land plays Nov. 15 – Dec. 31 with Saturday & Sunday matinees.  We strongly recommend getting tickets early for this show, especially if you plan to come with a group or want to attend the performances closer to Christmas. Our holiday shows sell out and some performances are already nearly gone.

For tickets call 541 488 2902 or online at: Make it a truly special occasion by joining us for a dinner before the show and a yummy dessert at intermission.

For your holiday gift-giving the Cabaret also offers Gift Certificates in any amount as well as Gift Season Subscriptions and Gift Flex-Passes.  It’s easy for you, fun for them, and they’ll think of you every time they attend an entertaining Cabaret production.

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