Paddington Station’s Annual Open House!

The inevitable has happened once again; the holidays are here!  In the business of retail holidays seem to mesh together, because you have to be ready well in advance of the holiday. Of course we get some of the typical, “Christmas decorations already?!” or “Stop rushing the holidays!”  The reality is that the holidays happen regardless of what we do, but it is our job to be prepared. We don’t rush the holidays, we are just ready for them and we want others to be ready for them too. Yes, we have Christmas items out and have for a month or so now, but when we are selling decorations and Christmas items on a daily basis… Well, it makes sense now doesn’t it?

Why do I bring up the holidays when the title of the article is Paddington Station’s Annual Open House? Because our Annual Open House is directly related to the holidays, it has become a tradition for some.  With live music, food, savings, raffles, crafts and much more, it really is a great way to usher in the holidays. You get some Christmas shopping done and join in the festivities!

This year’s Open House takes place on Saturday, November 23rd and goes from 11am – 7pm. Paddington Station’s sister store The Paddington Jewel Box will also join in as part of the festivities.  Live music this year will include: Siskiyou Singers, Randall Theatre Company, Siskiyou Violins, Ashland High School’s Choir, The Magic Flutes, The Ed Dunsavage Trio and a few of our very own Paddington employees will make an appearance.  Of course in addition to the music we will have food and drink: coffee, cider, cookies, dips and other snacks.

It truly is a great time to be had and an exciting event for family and friends. Come see what it’s all about. The holiday season is a magical time of the year, you can’t deny it. There is something in the air and a sort of feeling everywhere. The holidays are what you make them to be; a time of family; a time of cheer; a time of togetherness; a time of giving and kindness; a time of hope.  Let this be a great holiday season for you. We would love to share it with you and even be just a small part of it.

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