Here comes the rain, as we head into the months of March and April.  A time of change and growth all around, and that includes us here at Paddington.  We continue to listen to you, our customers, and change with the times keeping fresh with current trends.  Speaking of change, next time you stop in take a look at our new flooring on our lower level.  No more carpet here.  We installed floating floor tiles bought locally from Eric at Carpet Mart.

We have been busy cleaning both stores, preparing for all the new products arriving.  It is amazing to watch the transformation from winter to spring as Cindy and Joelle set new displays featuring new goods bought from market trips in Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Now we are curious… How many people out there read this editorial?  I mean really read it and not just skim it?  Well in an attempt to find out we will be giving away notepads on our lower level for… wait for it… FREE!  Alright it’s only one notepad per person, but still it’s free.  No coupon or anything special you need to bring in, just mention you saw this and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom… FREE notepad!

Here at Paddington we continue to move forward and strive to change for the better.  It is much like how we should be as human beings, trying to better ourselves every day and every moment and move forward to something better and positive.  Change can be very scary and daunting and taking a chance… Well, if we let fear control us it can prevent us from many lessons, blessings and adventures.  Look at every day as the chance to have a day better than the day before. Going forward is an inevitable step, so why not take it with a positive nature and a bold determined outlook?

As we start our 41st year here in Ashland, count on us for fun, entertainment, great gifts and one of downtown’s best shopping experiences.

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