Here We Go 2014 and Valentine’s Day!

Here we go into a new year! Not a moment of rest to be had at Paddington Station this time of year. We have taken things down from Christmas, had our after Christmas clearance sale, are wrapping up paperwork from 2013 and have employees attending trade shows all over the United States. So we are finding ways to stay busy, freshen the store and bring new and exciting products and items to both of our stores with the coming year.

In speaking of trade shows — Pam, Lisa and Kelly just recently returned from the largest trade show in the United States held in Atlanta, Georgia. After a long week and many adventures shopping and walking they returned back home safe and sound, with orders placed and suitcases full. This means we will have some great products coming in with the new year, so keep checking in with as they arrive.

Something else to get excited about is our annual jewelry sale. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is no better time to start thinking of that special gift for that special someone. We also have a great selection of cards and other gift items. Be more creative then flowers and chocolates, really put some thought into your gift this year.

Valentine’s Day is a special day to share love with that special someone in your life and those around you. Just like Christmas, it should not be about what you get but the love and memories made and shared. Okay, now to address some of the cynical people out there. Some may look on Valentine’s Day with malcontent and even resentment, but this like any other holiday, or day even, is what you make it to be. Just open your heart beyond a single person or a single thought and maybe some of that malcontent and resentment will slip away… Holidays are special days and they have been given a day of focus year-round for a reason, but it is up to us to find that reason and make it applicable to us.

We hope you will continue to visit us this year and share memories and moments with us! We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope it is one full of love and special memories.

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