The Paddington Jewel Box’s Fall Girls’ Night In

Another Girls’ Night In is coming to The Paddington Jewel Box! It’s a great way to celebrate, save and spend an enjoyable evening with the girls. This is not a girl-exclusive night though; guys are welcome to come as well. The reason we call it a Girls’ Night In is because that is what the merchandise in the store is geared towards; handbags, clothing, cosmetics, bath products, candles and jewelry. It wouldn’t make sense to have a Guy’s Night In at The Jewel Box, well… because there are really no products geared towards men. It would be kind of awkward and would have a fairly low appeal we feel.

Girls’ Night In is just a fun evening out. We have live music, snacks, wine, raffles and drawings and sales throughout the store. So, you see gentlemen, at least the snacks and wine should appeal to you. The event will be on Thursday, October 17th from 5 pm – 8 pm which should be plenty of time for anyone that wants to stop by. We are a small local shop, but definitely the more the merrier for something like this.

Live music will be provided by local group HartSmith (Bil Leonhart and Cyd Smith) throughout the evening to set the mood and tables with snacks and wine (from a local vineyard) will be set up to feast upon. Be prepared for a lively evening of fun. During the event we will also be giving out FREE gift bags chock-full of goodies to enjoy. All you have to do is show up and you can’t go wrong.

We really enjoy doing events like this throughout the year at Paddington Station and The Jewel Box. Not only is it fun for you, but for us as well. We feel it gives people something to plan for and get excited about. It also helps our local businesses and community. Please check-in with us, participate and share so our events can continue and be enjoyed by all!

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