The Paddington Jewel Box Has Reason to Celebrate Too!

It has been a year now since Paddington Station’s sister store, The Paddington Jewel Box, opened its doors for business. What a year it has been and what progression this little store has seen. When The Paddington Jewel Box first opened it was just in the beginning stages of discovering new product lines and product to carry, but now we have a found a groove, so to speak. Unlike Paddington Station, which we feel has a little something for everyone, The Paddington Jewel Box targets a more feminine audience. So men, if you come through our doors looking for “manly” things you might be disappointed. But, on the bright side it is a great place to get that special woman in your life a gift she will love.

Now, while The Paddington Jewel Box is celebrating a year, opening in the summer of 2012, Paddington Station is celebrating its 40th year! All around it’s a pretty big year for both stores, with a celebration held for Paddington Station earlier in July and both stores taking part in the Ashland 4th of July parade.

The Paddington Jewel Box operates under the supervision of managers Kelly Jean Hammond and Sarah Gore, with six other employees. This makes The Paddington Jewel Box fully staffed and able to operate as a separate entity from Paddington Station, so it is a store all in itself. Of course staff and merchandise pass between stores, but The Jewel Box hold its own uniqueness.

While the name “The Paddington Jewel Box” might suggest it only carries jewelry, this is not the case. The Jewel Box carries accessories, clothing, bath and body, handbags of many varieties, of course jewelry… and so much more! Some great lines include Darling, Vera Bradley, Bernie Dexter and Lollia.

Stop on by and see us and let’s celebrate a year of business!

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