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‘Tis the Season

As we sit here trying to decide what we want to write about this month, it dawned on me that this will be in the December issue. How is that possible? On the one hand, this year seemed to fly by, but on the other, some parts of the year moved along at a rate of “mock sloth” as my-12 year-old would say.

We held out hope that this year would start to feel more joyful as we enter the holiday season, but it still seems very heavy. We are still sensing a great sense of division among so many and it’s heartbreaking. Relationships continue to be strained, over differences of opinion, lack of mutual respect for personal choices, and even more simply because people are just out of steam. 

As adults with decades of experience in handling stress, high emotions and even trauma, we are taxed to our limit. Imagine how difficult this is for the miniature versions of us. Whether we know it or not, we are all feelers on some level and it’s okay to feel defeated at times. What we are praying for this holiday season is that you don’t suffer alone. Reach out to those in your “circle” and not only share how you are feeling, but check on them too. The strongest among us are having a hard time and that’s okay. It reminds us we are human. 

Take the opportunity to be a bit more vulnerable than you have in the past. It’s humbling for others to see that even the tough cookies out there are crumbling a bit around the edges.

In our professional lives, things haven’t slowed much over the last 12-18 months so while we work tirelessly to help our clients transition from one chapter to the next, we also sense a bit of weariness and in some cases hopelessness when it was previously joy and exhilaration. People are tired, and rightfully so. 

Let’s love each other a bit more, focus on spreading kindness and support, and may we never forget many of us are walking through some really heavy stuff. We welcome you to slow your pace enough to recognize when someone may need a little more undivided attention, an extra helping hand, or even just an ear. Kindness is free so remember to sprinkle it everywhere. We will make it through; we always do. And, wouldn’t it be so much easier if we did it together with dignity and grace? 

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