Water Is Key To Your Health

Hi folks, thanks for joining me. So this month I wanted to start you off with some foundational information to help you understand the importance of WATER!

Yes I know it’s doesn’t sound very exciting does it? However, that is only because you haven’t heard how amazing water is and how critically important water is for your health, fitness and wellbeing.

I know you all have heard we are mostly water. About 85%, more as an infant less as we move into our later years.

What is most critical to understand is there is not one system in your body, even deeper than that, there is not one cell in your body that doesn’t need water to function properly.

You have all heard of the research Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted on water crystals and how they were affected by prayer, meditation, and music. When the water was subjected to loving, happy, thoughts, and music, then frozen, the crystals had beautiful snowflake like geometries. When the water was influenced by negative thoughts and music the crystals were deformed.

Water holds and is affected by our thoughts, feeling, and whatever else it is subjected to. Water gathers and holds the energies of the planet, sun, moon, and stars.

Now think about this. Our bodies not only need water to survive, but more importantly our bodies need water to thrive.

It only takes a 2% drop in our optimum levels of hydration to affect our performance. Now for some this seems barely noticeable but it is the beginning of a downhill slide to more disastrous effects.

What most of us don’t realize is as we become more dehydrated our bodies begin to shut down or down regulate our thirst response. This means that we don’t feel thirsty even though we are dehydrated. This is why so many of my clients and friends tell me they barely drink any water and never feel thirsty. Yet they go about drinking soda, coffee, and alcohol.

There is a fantastic book you all should read. “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by F. Batmanghelidj, MD.

In this book the doctor goes on to explain how so many health issues and even many common diseases are due to dehydration. Even more remarkably he explains that by increasing water and in some cases salt many of these health issues and disease are overcome.

All this just by drinking water; I have great result with clients by increasing their daily water consumption.

So what if you have to pee a few more time a day. You’ll probably meet more people on the way.

Go get yourself a water bottle and make it your own. I always carry two 40 ounce stainless steel bottles with me so I am never out of water.  Make sure your bottles are BPA free, and never drink out of those plastic bottles in the stores.

Filtered water is best. If you are on well water, have it tested.  If you are on city water it must be filtered. Chlorine is good because it kills all the bacteria in the water. Chlorine is bad because it kills all the bacteria in your body including the good bacteria in the gut.
So much more to tell you but I am running out of space.

I wish you all vibrant health,


Dave works privately with clients in Ashland, and offers workshops and seminars.  You can follow Dave at and on Facebook, twitter, and  Linked in.

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