The Ashland Avengers @ Diversions

Mury @ Diversions

Mury @ Diversions.  February 23, 2008.
I usually wont go to a show and gush about the promoters, but the Officers of The Ashland Avengers are truly special.   

The Avengers are a group of mostly eighteen-year-old Southern Oregon University students.  Numbering roughly a dozen Officers, the Avengers decided Ashland needed more live music. They formed an official SOU club, which allowed them to host events in Diversions and The Arena for a small fee (both of which are located underneath Stevenson Union on campus). 

Because of university club rules, The Avengers can’t charge admission without paying some stiff rental fees.  They do accept donations, usually between three and five dollars.  SOU Housing Services pitched in free soda and bottled water on Saturday night, and the pool tables don’t require coinage.

Three bands, free drinks, and free pool for a five dollar donation?  You heard right. 

“We aren’t making any money at all,” said Officer Kyle Biddle as he manned the door of Diversions on Saturday night.  “All the money goes to the bands.”

The lucky bands that night were His Name Shall Breathe from Portland, Paper Mache from Spokane, and Mury from Salt Lake City.

 Paper Mache @ Diversions

Paper Mache @ Diversions


The Ashland Avengers are putting up more than time and money to support local music.  They’re baking cookies, too.

“We had a bake sale,” said Biddle. â€œNick, another member of the club, made baklava.  We made about $60.  It’s all going towards our next show.”

 His Name Shall Breathe @ Diversions

His Name Shall Breathe @ Diversions


I had the pleasure of meeting Tim (no last name), aka His Name Shall Breathe.  Tim is one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet.  I think he ended up interviewing me.  He played a down tempo, melancholy set, reminiscent of Elliot Smith and Beck’s Sea Change.

I also met Chris Rindal and Chelsea Seth of Paper Mache.  Chelsea supplied my favorite line of the night:

“What kind of college is this?  I saw the gay support group and Urinetown on the way in.”

An audience member answered, “It’s a liberal arts university.”

“Awesome,” Chelsea said.  “We usually end up playing conservative colleges.”

Chris Rindal walked by me moments before Mury went on and said, “Just so you know, you’re gonna love these guys.  You’re gonna think they’re signed to Atlantic.”

Mury plays the kind of pop-punk that made me fall in love with Green Day and Hagfish over a decade ago.  I didn’t get to meet them, because I was off to catch the tail end of Disco Organica at The Mobius.

The Ashland Avengers are planning a March 6 bake sale in the Stevenson Union lobby.  Don’t miss the Medford metal showcase on March 8 in the SOU Arena.  Check out their profile at 


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