The Purpose of Pain

So many people ask me, “Why do I have so much pain?”  Well, here is the answer.  The purpose of pain is this….  

Simply, pain interrupts the life you are living so that you must start to pay more attention do something different!  Pain is always a wake up call that you are settling for being less than the fullest expression of yourself.

The 4 types of pain are:

  1. The pain of avoiding pain.  Let’s be real… life can be painful- physically and emotionally.  Most people avoid taking the time to really feel the depth of their pain and continually distract themselves through media, food, alcohol, etc., so that they do not have to feel the pain. When you stop, acknowledge, accept and just be with the pain you can begin to hear the wisdom and message that your pain is trying to give you
  2. The pain of not being able to manage circumstance.  The more you have a need for certainty in life, the more pain you experience.  When you are able to connect with and accept the mystery of life, and actually start to get excited about instability in your life, the more freedom you will feel physically and emotionally.
  3. The pain of not making enough progress or fast enough progress. This is the pain that creates a hunger in you for playing more full out and being more of who you are meant to be in the world.  Staying small creates pain, which again is the gift that says, “Wake up and start living as if this were the last day of your life!”  How would you be and how many lives would you seek to touch if you lived this way?
  4. The pain of soul. This is the pain of not knowing or giving the gifts you are meant to give, and not receiving the gifts of others.   This is most painful type of pain, and hurts the most people around the one who experiences it.  Again, the pain is there to remind you that you are here to know what your unique gifts are and to give them, while being open to the medicine of others in each moment.

When you experience pain, the key is to add energy.  The most effective way to do this is to get under Chiropractic Care! You can also do this by stopping to experience the pain and be with it to let something else emerge, doing your practices that energize you and help you show up in your life more fully, embracing new thoughts and behaviors that are more aligned with the best version of you, or simply giving your gifts and shining your light more brightly!  

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