Are You Ready?

When was the last time you had to make a big decision?  You probably came up with an idea, researched the product or idea, viewed it in person then made a final decision.  Do I go ahead?  Should I wait?  Maybe I am not ready to do this yet…you are just not sure if you are making the right decision.  Perhaps you are afraid to make a decision because you are scared or perhaps risk averse.  I understand this perhaps more than some do.  I was raised in a loving home but one with very little money so we were very cautious when considering a big purchase or anything that could present a financial challenge.  Even today I have an investor who directs me, councils and encourages me to take a bit more risk in my investment portfolio.  I am a somewhat risk averse person so I proceed with caution.

I have worked at Mountain Meadows 55+ for over 12 years and, during that time, I have seen numerous perspective residents or their children, delay a decision to move to the award winning community and that decision was often made due to fear of the unknown.  What do I do with all my “stuff”?  I have never lived in a retirement style community before — what if I do not like it?  What happens if I need additional help or care — then what?  These are some of the important considerations for many people and it often prohibits them from making a move when the time is right.

When will you be ready?  If we wait until we are “ready” it may be too late.  In the early years of Mountain Meadows, Madeline Hill, the founder, would have people look into a red glass ball (like a crystal ball) and ask them if it would tell them when they were ready.  It was sort of silly, perhaps, but it got people thinking about the fact that there is no definite, for sure thing and they should make the move now.  In the early years and up until most recently, there was a wide selection of available properties to choose from.  Now, there are a limited number of homes available for sale — is one right for you?

Take the time to tour the community and meet the residents.  Call and make an appointment to gaze into the red glass ball and ask “Am I Ready?”– Now is the time to make a move to Mountain Meadows.  Are you Ready?


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