Five Common Self Defense Myths

Myth #1
Your anger-going ballistic, combined with specific moves will subdue your opponent.
Rage has no place in a self defense situation. In contrast being prepared with a response based on knowledge,  practice and strategic evaluation gives you a better chance of escaping your attacker. A thrashing display of anger not only dilutes a response, but indicates to the attacker a level of desperation.

Myth #2
Stomp on the attackers instep to hobble him.
If your attacker is standing still, stomping on his foot will work…to really tick him off. Attackers like to strike fear into their intended female victims. They’ll charge or grab, constantly moving to assert their dominance. Will you really have the presence of mind to locate his foot, and transfer your weight forward or back? Oops that will put you inches away from a raging bull!

Myth #3
Knee the attacker in the groin to put him out of action.
Most men have been protecting their groin all of their lives. Some muggers when apprehended were actually found to be wearing an athletic cup-they expected an attack to the groin and were prepared for it.

Myth #4
Palm to the face to drive him back.
Many attackers have grown up in rough situations where learning the rudiments of boxing was natural. Protecting their head with their arms, or turning their head to ward off a punch, slap, or palm to the face is second nature.

Myth #5
Multiple strikes will keep an attacker off balance.
Many attackers want a submissive victim so as not to attract attention. When you deliver a flurry of strikes he may double or triple his efforts, striking out with devastating speed and power in hopes of subduing his victim before someone notices. The mugger/attacker is no fool. He’s not going to let you repeatedly strike at his face or any other target. He knows as well as you that one of those strikes might reach its target and you can bet that he will stop the onslaught any way he can, usually that means a super violent intervention. You may argue that if your attacks are delivered, one on top of the other, really fast he’ll have no choice but to retreat. WRONG!
The second or two that exists between each strike is all the attacker needs to insert himself and break the pattern. If he’s slow or on drugs he’ll revert to the only thing he knows, brute force. REPETITIVE strikes do not work. Going head to head with the attacker does not work.
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