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If you’ve ever dreamed of writing but need help finishing your work, or if you’ve written a book and need assistance getting it out into the world, here’s your chance! Introducing Kit Crumb, a long-time local author of more than (30) books, covering topics from the supernatural to adventure mystery. Kit’s love for writing spans over (25) years. In today’s interview, Kit shares his extensive experience in conceptualizing, writing, and publishing books. He also discusses his OLLI class and his private coaching for aspiring and accomplished authors. What’s the trick to turning your ideas into finished books? Let’s find out. In this interview, I speak with Kit about his practice and process. We explore the key factors that drive motivation and address the common fears that lead to needless delay and procrastination.

Kit, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to me today, and congratulations on your extensive body of work!

Thank you, Shields, and thank you for the opportunity to reach out to other writers.

Kit, ever since I’ve known you, which goes back more than 15 years, you have been working on one book or another. That said… What’s the trick to the continuous drive and dedication of your work?

I write in several different genres, each in a series. When I write paranormal I’m driven to create as spooky a story as possible, for my mysteries it’s the twist at the end and for action adventure, it’s all about the environment and the action scenes. Dedication is the constant learning curve, writing a tighter plot, a more believable character, and becoming a better writer.

Kit, so many people struggle with just getting even one book created, meanwhile, you have written over 30.

For me, I know my story’s beginning, middle, and end before I begin writing. I believe that most people who want to write have a strong idea but not a complete plot line and end up writing themselves into a corner. I write in a series that gives me a common thread with the characters and the community they live in.

Do you actually believe in writer’s block and if someone has it how can they cure it?

The solution for writer’s block is simple but not easy. Write three plot lines, maybe 25,000 words each. Then start with your favorite and if you hit a brick wall start work on your second favorite. In this way you keep the creative juices flowing. Just keep writing.

Kit, now that you have written so many books, you have also written a book on how to write a book. Please tell us about it.

You’re referring to the Fiction Writer’s Skill Set. This short book was inspired by the struggles I had getting answers to my questions when I first started writing. I went through literally hundreds of books on how to write fiction. Most of the advice was over my head. Sometimes I had to read the author’s life story to get an answer to a single question. The Fiction Writer’s Skill Set describes best practices for creating scenes that flow and characters that grow. It has a definition of terms. What is foreshadowing, a red herring? It has an entire chapter of questions and answers to the most common questions beginning writers ask, it also lists the 20 most common errors made by the beginning writer, and much, much more. But the best part is it is free to download.

In your opinion what is the biggest mistake people make when attempting to write their first book?

That’s a great question, Shields. It’s said that it takes 10,000 hours to become accomplished at a given endeavor. For a writer, it’s about 3 manuscripts or 300,000 words. The beginning writer may have a great plot but the details are weak. They have characters that see and hear but forget about taste, touch and smell. Or the dialogue may be stilted, too long, and laced with purple prose. Honestly, it all comes down to the 3 basics: When you write, where you write and how many words you can write in an hour.

Aside from writing your books, you’ve taught a 10-week Olli class on fiction writing and are continually reaching out to support and help other authors. Please tell us more.

What I learned from that Olli class opened my eyes to the needs of the beginning writer.

I recently helped a local author shape his unique story into a techno-thriller that was published this month. The Olli class also opened my eyes to ghostwriting a story idea for someone who lacks the time or ability to put their story into a book.

In defining where you can make the most impact with your current coaching and support, you have really identified two areas of need. Please tell us about these two areas.

The first is the individual with a solid plot line who may have created a list of characters but just doesn’t know how to put the story together. Then there is the writer with their first manuscript who doesn’t know how to get it ready to publish.

Kit, in writing your book on how to write what pops out as some of the key advice you wish you had known when you first started?

Wow, key advice… How to create realistic dialogue, how many sentences in a paragraph, and how many paragraphs on a page. How to develop a character that the reader will relate to. Which is more important: plot-driven stories or character-driven stories? Honestly, the list of key advice I wish I’d known is too extensive to list.

Kit, I’d love to hear more about your writing ritual on a day-to-day and weekly basis.

I write every day, it may be on a new story or creating a character, but I write every day. I wrote a super short story five days a week for four years for my podcast, Kit’s Myths and Mysteries.

What has the secret to writing been for you?

The secret is that I love to write and that as a writer I believe I can produce a quality story that the reader will enjoy.

Kit, can you please give a specific overview of the services you are currently offering our readers?

I offer ghostwriting for that person with a story idea who might lack the time or ability to develop the story into a book. I also offer developmental editing for the writer with a rough manuscript. For the writer with a finished, polished book I offer marketing guidance.

As a part of today’s interview, you are extending an invitation out into our community for aspiring and existing authors to reach out and connect with you. What path should they follow?

I’d like people to go to my website,, and download their free copy of Fiction Writer’s Skill Set. If they’d like to discuss a story idea they can contact me at or call me at 541- 488- 8431.

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