Staying safe in a dangerous world

On the street, in your car, at home and everywhere in between

Lets jump right in with a an attack on your person.

You’re taken totally by surprise by an attack from behind where the assailant grabs you by the shoulders or neck. Your first response is to step forward with the left foot, driven by the force of the attack. This will set you up for your next move. Now, without pause you do two things at once. Without moving your feet turn clockwise 180 degrees and simultaneously drive your right elbow up. As you finish your turn drive your elbow down as though you want to slam it into your own right hip. Your descending elbow will accomplish one of two things. Certainly it will collide with your attackers arms. Will this make him let go? Probably not. You will more then likely end up with one of his arms trapped between your right side and your right arm. More important is the event this move brings about. When you turn, and he hangs on, it tends to pull him in and his head ends up inches from your right hand. Now you can deliver a single palm thrust to the chin of a slightly off balance attacker. I guarantee it will hit home. Now, turn and run.
As you can see our intended victim doesn’t try to fight her attacker.  When the he grabbed her from behind she responded from a place of self confidence. The move worked because it was simple and the intended victim had practiced it over and over until it was second nature.
The learning process and mastering this material creates self empowerment and confidence and can be completed at home in three steps.
  1. Go through the motions and get a sense of the movements.
  2. Work the moves on someone bigger then you who can progressively increase resistance.
  3. Keep the material fresh. Once learned, it only takes a walk through to trigger muscle memory and bring back the mental components surrounding the attack.
Next month we discuss the five most common self defense myths.
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