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Five Tips of the Millionaire Mindset

Money is a vital component of most people’s lives and the word ‘abundance’ is usually associated with the word ‘money.’  Let’s be honest, some folks are doing what they love and are financially abundant and secure while others are struggling to get by.  Why are some people rich while others struggle and never feel the ease of financial security? One major difference between rich and poor is the mindset of plenty verses the mindset of scarcity.  In the upcoming ‘Millionaire Mindset’ workshop, we will give you the necessary tools to align yourself with abundance and bring forth prosperity in your life.  There are basic laws of creating that which you desire.  Once put into practice, these laws will completely change your life and relationship with money.  Here are some basic tips to create wealth in your life:

1.  Look at your beliefs about money.
Do you believe that being rich means hard work?  Do you believe that creating wealth can be fun and easy?
2.  Focus on your passion.
Doing what you love automatically attracts exactly what you need to be prosperous.
3.  Be kind and giving.
To create financial flow, you must first make room for the finances to come.  Remember, like attracts like and nobody      wants  to help a negative naysayer.
4.  Be thankful for what you have already.
You can attract more of what you want by accepting your life as it is right now.
5.  Connect with the silence within you.

Inspiration can only come when you are ready to receive.

Applying these principles to your life can have a profound effect.  Reducing the stress surrounding money can allow the creativity of other aspects of your life to thrive.  In order to implement these ideas you must make a conscious effort to change in every facet of your life.  To put these tips into practice and learn more about manifesting financial freedom in your life, please join Kristen Sofia Valentina and guest speaker Zhavanya Leib in part I of the How to Remind Yourself Workshop series.

The Millionaire Mindset Workshop
Saturday, March 22. 2014; 10-5
Ashland Public Library, Gresham Room
$99 early bird/ $115 at the door

Organic lunch will be provided. Includes take-home materials and other goodies.

Kristen and Zhavanya will be combining their wisdom from a diversity of teachings to help remind us who we really are through group coaching and transformational healing.  This workshop will help you learn how to take charge of your thoughts and form continued accountability groups in the spirit of coaching.

Kristen Sofia Valentina is a Transformational Life Coach who will be providing tips on how to manifest abundance and tools to create your dreams.  Zhavanya Leib is a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner and a Shaman who will be sharing her wisdom of the indigenous peoples of South and Central America.

For more information, visit or call 541-631-8262

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