Purpose Driven

What does it mean to live with a purpose? Part of having purpose is understanding and appreciating that there are unique gifts within you. When you are purpose driven, life is more vibrant and happiness is effortless because your gaze is focused on the present moment and making the future even better.

Discovering your gifts, passion, or purpose is as simple as honoring yourself for the good traits in your life rather than focusing on the negative. Shifting this paradigm has an immediate and powerful impact which allows you to embody this mindset. Upon making this shift you may also notice that your purpose and path have always resided in your thoughts but have not come to fruition because of the dreaded “road blocks” that life has placed in the way. Looking more closely at these road blocks they usually end up surfacing as mere thoughts that can dissipate as easily as they have been created.

This is a quick and efficient route to self healing, along with loving yourself wholly. When you love yourself, imagine your goals and allow your road blocks to become speed bumps and then you are ready to live life purposefully. Moving through this process is much easier than you think.
Applying these principles can be easy with a life coach helping to guide you to your vision and help you clear your road blocks. Kristen Sofia Valentina is a life coach and she has helped many individuals with these very realizations and wants to help you. During a session with Kristen, you will be asked powerful questions that allow you to navigate your own healing.

She also performs Reiki during sessions, which works well with her intuition. Reiki helps balance your energy during the session and leaves you feeling empowered to move forward while freeing stagnant energy and emotions. Coupled with Reiki, life coaching is a direct means of healing by focusing on what you want while remaining completely in the present moment in order to make your future brighter. As part of the life coaching session, Kristen will teach you self help tools to keep you on track.

As a certified hypnotherapist, Kristen will sometimes end a session with a guided meditation to plant the seeds of your new intentions. Before leaving her office, Kristen will help you formulate a positive affirmation to be repeated on a daily basis. This is further reinforcement of your new path and thought patterns until the next session.

If you are ready to be purpose driven, then contact Kristen today to schedule a personal session. The next group life coaching 4 week series called Conscious Creators Club will be held every Sunday, July 13th- August 3rd 10:00am-12:00pm at Sage Medicine Acupuncture, 258 A Street, Suite 20. Suggested donation is $25. Spots are limited, please RSVP 541-631-8262 or For more information, go to

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