Conscious Creators Club

First I would like offer a heartfelt thank you to all of my clients.  Ashland is a warm and welcoming community and after my interview in last month’s issue, many people sought out my services.  The willingness of my clients to participate in their own healing has been nothing short of amazing.  There is sometimes a subtle, yet powerful shift when a client in my office realizes her true potential and in that moment she seizes her creative power.  These results are common in my sessions but only when the participant is open to accepting responsibility for their own lives.  This is where the true healing begins and I am there to help draw out your true passions and hold space for your intentions.

Another recent success has been the inception of the Conscious Creators Club 101.  The class was filled only two weeks after its announcement and was a triumph for everyone involved.  I am profoundly grateful for the experiences I shared with all the members who participated and for the opportunity to guide such passionate and open individuals.  The focus of this series was to help everyone create a fresh intention in their life and support each person for the month it takes to change a thought pattern.

The Conscious Creators Club 101 was so popular that I will be offering another free series starting in July.  The idea was spawned after maneuvering through my own personal healing and realizing that I could help others in the same manner.  At the heart of the series is each person creating an intention and cultivating it through thoughts, words and actions.  Part of my charge is to help participants properly state an intention, plan out their actions, and overcome hurdles along the way.  For years it has been a dream of mine to create my intentions within a group setting because it increases the power of creation exponentially.  While one individual states their highest intention, the rest of the group will be visualizing, breathing and holding space for the intention to come to fruition.  Each session ends with a guided meditation that incorporates all of the group’s intentions.  This series is all about figuring out who you are deep within.  Then we look at the lingering beliefs that aren’t aligning you with your highest intentions and shift those beliefs to something that serves you better.

During the first series of the Conscious Creators Club I realized the true demand for such a service, as many of the participants asked when the next series was and even more inquired about the possibility of a 201 series which I am currently developing.  The Conscious Creators Club 201 will be more in depth and more of an intensive experience overall.  One woman was so enamored with the idea that she requested a train the trainer series.

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