Whole Food Nutrition

At Three Sisters Midwifery, we place a big emphasis on nutrition.  Through our experience working with hundreds of families, we know that when a mom eats well throughout her pregnancy both she and her baby are getting what they need to grow strong and healthy.  Great prenatal nutrition positively affects babies for a lifetime and leaves moms feeling vibrant.

A simple nutrition guideline we often share with families is the suggestion to eat whole foods as much as possible.  Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know if what you’re eating truly is a whole food:

Can I imagine this food growing?  It is easy to imagine a carrot growing but much more difficult to imagine a Cheerio growing.

What has been done to this food since it was harvested?  How much processing has it undergone?  Less is always better.

Is this a part of a food or the whole food?  For example, apple juice is a part of an apple whereas the whole apple is simply that, the whole food.

We love sharing information and ideas about nutrition; so much so that we have a blog dedicated to it.  Our nutrition blog can be found at  On our blog, you’ll find an abundance of information about how to optimally nourish yourself and your family throughout pregnancy and beyond, including many delicious whole foods recipes.

Spring is in the air and fresh local food is upon us.  Be well!

Nourishing the Mother:

Reference: Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair

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