HypnoBirthing® with The Mongan Method is Beneficial for Every Mother and Baby

As with any other practice we engage in, such as yoga, dance, or a musical instrument, the practice of HypnoBirthing® will look different for each woman and baby.  At Three Sisters Midwifery, we have witnessed countless women using the practice of this method to support birthing, each in her own way.  Marie Mongan’s, HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method, has a simple message: practice can help in a direct and powerful way to create a “safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.”  In the five-class series, we delve deeply into the philosophy, demonstration, and practice of the basic elements Marie Mongan sees as key to a woman’s positive experience.  In addition here are some simple and important home practice and lifestyle choices we recommend.

Prenatal Bonding: take a few moments throughout the day to love your baby, these mini “love breaks” involve talking, playing, or singing to your baby.  Taking time for baby not only lets our baby know we love her, but we ourselves recognize baby is already in our lives.

Choose to create an empowered pregnancy and childbirth.  This involves all aspects of pregnancy, nourishing our body, mind and spirit.  Awaken as a parent from the moment you become aware of your pregnancy.  In addition eating healthy food, daily exercise and adequate rest are all very important to ensuring a healthy, strong mother and baby.

Clear the mind of any and all unnecessary thoughts.  Take time to review any fears you may have of childbirth and/or parenting and learn methods to release these fears.

Create pathways in the mind body for calm and relaxation.  Many people today have no sense of what relaxation feels like in their bodies, accustomed to approaching life with their mind alone.  Birthing is a body experience.  When we are calm and relaxed we have access to the beneficial birthing hormones.

Marie Mongan, originator of HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method of childbirth education, states that,“HypnoBirthing® provides a missing link that allows women to use their natural birthing instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.”  Childbirth is a journey where we meet ourselves in the place of our own creation, to do the work that we have prepared ourselves to do.  This preparation is essential.  While choosing natural birthing is our birthright, the predominant cultural belief that birth is dangerous is deeply embedded in each of us, making preparation all the more important. There is no right or wrong birth experience.  There is only our amazing birthing of our wonderful baby.

The next HypnoBirthing® class series begins Saturday April 5.  For more information or to pre-register call 541-833-0999 or email

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