Empowered Motherhood

All mothers want the best for their children, and that certainly continues even when they are all grown up and having children themselves! When choosing a home birth, many clients wonder when a transport to the hospital would be necessary, and what that would look like. While most of our births are completed at home, midwife care offers FULL mama-baby support, no matter where the birth takes place.

In a recent Grandmother’s words:

“When our daughter was presented with some turbulent life events that necessitated an urgent and unexpected move in the last month of her first pregnancy, I was concerned. How would we find someone to help her have the gentle, natural birth she was wanting so much?

Three Sisters Midwifery came highly recommended by a good friend and doula. Our daughter felt an immediate sense of trust at the initial interview, and in-home prenatal visits began within the first week of her arrival.  Our whole family looked forward to their weekly visits to check on baby, talk about birth, and drink tea together. We trusted that this birth would unfold as it was meant to, with the care of knowledgeable and compassionate women surrounding us.

As our daughter’s pregnancy stretched to 42 weeks, visits with the midwives became more frequent as they monitored the baby’s progress closely.  When contractions began on the morning of his birth we were very excited; we realized that at last we would meet this little one with whom we’d had so many in-utero conversations!  Our friend and wonderful doula, Sheryl, was helping throughout the early part of the labor. Then as contractions became more forceful and productive, our midwives Katie and Kristy arrived to guide our daughter as she worked to birth her son.

During the labor, our midwives continuously monitored the well-being of mom and baby. Several hours after arriving they noticed a change in the baby’s heart rate pattern signaling that this birth would be most safely supported in the hospital. Together we took steps to create a seamless transition. Micaela joined us at the hospital, and careful records of the labor at home were passed on to the doctor. Encircled in the wonderful support of her family, her doula and her midwives, our daughter powerfully and naturally gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

It was incredible to be part of our daughter’s beautiful birth. I told the midwives that I wished I could have had such an opportunity when I was having babies. Now one month post-partum, the midwives continue to be an incredibly strong support system for both mother and baby.”

~Anonymous Three Sisters Client

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