Ordinary Miracle

Imagine the scenario–Parents are together in the birthing tub in a quiet, dim room.  Midwives quietly check baby’s heart rate, whisper encouragements.  Deep slow breaths, low grunty sounds.  Mother exclaims, “The baby’s coming!” and then the whoosh of new life as the parents receive their baby.  The next words are often, “She’s here!” or “I did it!”  As a midwife, I have happily shared this ordinary “miracle” many times and this is one of the ways that natural birth looks at home.

After irregular tightenings all day, a mother having her second baby got in warm water when her labor picked up.  Her husband supported with gentle words, touch, and calm reassurance.  Sitting upright, knees bent, she let gravity bring her baby down the birth path.  Her deep, slow breathing turned to a familiar light grunty sound and then, with intense focus, she breathed her baby down to crowning and birth.  A beautiful 9 lb. baby girl breathed and cried, exploring the world from her mom’s breast.

Fear can get in the way of relaxing and letting the body optimize the flow of hormones in labor.  After an emergency cesarean for her first birth, another mother used fear-release scripts along with her daily relaxation practice. She filled her living room with colorful images of beautiful birthings and affirmations.  During the height of her labor, this mother wept and smiled because she was “just so happy!”  In a candlelit room, the little one emerged gently into the birthing tub and looked up into his daddy’s eyes while still underwater.

The mothers in these stories prepared for their births using the practice of HypnoBirthing®.  Natural birthing hormones work quite well in the absence of fear-caused tension and pain.  The healthy, prepared mother instinctively knows how to birth.   She can enjoy her labor and receive her baby, feeling triumph and success.

In our culture of birth-fear, with frequent inductions and a greater than 30% cesarean rate, a natural birth is not something that will be handed to you, but you can choose it for yourself and your baby by taking some careful steps.

1.  Midwife Care

Midwives are experts at guiding a woman through normal pregnancy and birth.  Choose a provider experienced at safe, intervention-free births who will stay with you throughout your labor.

2.  HypnoBirthing®

The daily practice and breathing learned in class conditions body-mind for total relaxation in labor and for releasing fears that could get in the way.

3.  Waterbirth

Water gives buoyancy, gentleness, comfort and ease for the mother and the baby.

4.  Homebirth

Birthing at home eliminates the first intervention:  getting in your car!  The familiar private setting allows a woman’s brain/limbic system to proceed normally with the optimal hormonal response.

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