Why Choose a Homebirth: Part 2 Nurturing Prenatal Care

Let me tell you about what you can expect to experience at a typical prenatal visit with the midwives at Three Sisters.

When you come into the office, there is often a midwife present to greet you and offer you a cup of tea.  If there is a wait, it is rarely longer than five minutes.  As you transition from our waiting area to the prenatal room, two of your midwives will join you.  You’ll have the chance to settle onto our comfortable couch and the midwives will ask how you are doing.  Our prenatal visits have the feel of a conversation among friends as we chat together, checking-in about your diet, your sleep, and your energy level.  We will ask about any discomforts you may be experiencing and we will want to know about your stressors, and your joys, challenges, and changes too.  We will offer counsel and feedback where needed.  We will make diet suggestions or help you brainstorm ideas to address any concerns that have come up.  Most of all, we will listen.  So much of our care is about getting to know you and your family.  We want to learn about who you are and what you desire from your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences.  We are here to support you in creating what feels optimal and authentic to you.

In some prenatal visits, a significant portion of time is spent in discussion around choices that come up along the way.  We take plenty of time for questions, making it possible for you to make the informed decisions that feel right for your family.  Because each prenatal visit is an hour long, there is ample time cover all that is important to you.

In the last part of your prenatal visit, we will check-in with you on a more physical level.  We will take your blood pressure and pulse and have you step on the scale.  We will measure your growing belly, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and palpate your baby’s position.  This is also a special time for everyone to tune in with baby who has his or her own unique experience of the process.

Our midwives know pregnancy can be an incredible journey when a woman is nurtured and cared for in the way she deserves.  We know babies are at their healthiest when they are acknowledged and welcomed in a gentle, safe, and loving way by their families and care providers.  Our midwifery care goes above and beyond what is offered in most other maternity settings.  For me, choosing homebirth midwifery care was a gift to my baby and me and I am still reaping the benefits today.

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