Pure and Limitless Imagination

Working with a Transformational life coach is like hiring a personal trainer to go along with the gym membership.  Imagine yourself as a child, uninhibited and free from daily responsibilities.  With pure and limitless dreams the doorways are endless.  You now open a door and see your ideal life but find the entry blockaded.  What if you could move through that block as if it were a cloud and meet face to face with your true potential? This separation from your passions may have occurred because of excuses or ‘road blocks’ that keep you from following your true path.  Kristen Sofia Valentina will help realign you with your highest potential and break down the barriers that hinder you as well as give you the personal continued accountability that you need to succeed.  Having studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Kristen has a solid foundation to help you realize your abilities and move towards the highest vision of yourself.  As a natural listener and Master Reiki practitioner she intuitively knows how to help you unlock those dreams and begin setting out on a path to become free from stress and worry.    Life is constantly happening and Kristen will give you the tools to manage yours.   If you are motivated to improve your life then schedule an appointment today and receive a free toe reading with the session.  The toes never lie.

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