From the Greenhouse: New Plants for a New Year

January can be an exciting time here at the greenhouses.  We’ve picked up the last of the poinsettia leaves from the benches and are busy planting thousands of plants and baskets each week from now until mid-May.  I encourage you to come out and see how much the greenhouses fill up each week.  It is always amazing how quickly it changes.

We’re usually fortunate enough here in southern Oregon to have a few days of sunny weather that allows us to get out into our gardens.  On these days it’s a great time to plant primroses, pansies, and perennials.  For the best success when planting during January you will want to make sure the plants don’t get stressed.  Our pansies, primroses, and perennials are acclimated to the outdoor temperatures so they are fine to be planted immediately, however you’ll want to pay close attention to watering needs.  Plants do not typically take up as much water during the winter but you will also want to watch them so that they don’t get too dry and dehydrated.

Some new varieties of perennials we have this year include:

•  Coreopsis ‘Sunfire’                              •  Penstemon ‘Carillo Red’
•  Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit              •  Phlox ‘Tequila Sunrise’
•  Erysimum ‘Winter Rouge’                 •  Salvia ‘Lyrical Silvertone’
•  Gaillardia ‘Mesa Bright Bicolor’       •  Salvia ‘New Dimension Rose’
•  Heuchera ‘Melting Fire’                     •  Sedum ‘Neon’

We have quite a few more new varieties not listed above that are becoming available each week.  Stop by and see what’s new or you can also view our current availability list posted on our website.

We are closed until Jan 13th when we will re-open for business Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

Happy Gardening!

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