Gardening and Technology

I started out with a title of Gardening vs. Technology, but I changed the title because I realized they can be used together. The line between gardening and technology is getting thinner and thinner. There was a time when learning about gardening came from reading books and magazines, going to a garden class, or visiting a garden center and asking for advice. The latter is my favorite. How wonderful that a plethora of information is at your fingertips.

“Look it up.” I hear my mother’s voice echoing through the air. She meant to use the dictionary or the volumes of encyclopedias on the bookshelf, now I just “Google it.” Here are a few of the things I have looked up so far this year. Some I will give a definition and some I encourage you to look up.

1. While reading one of my favorite gardening magazines I came across the word “ephemeral.” I knew I should know what it means. Latin ephemerus, living or lasting but for a day, short-lived.

2. White flowering potato vine. What is the botanical name?

3. How do Monkey puzzle trees propagate?

4. In what poem is the word “timeworn” used?

5. Where does the phrase “In like a lion, out like a lamb” originate?

6. What are the hours at my favorite nursery?

Speaking of my favorite nursery, is a great resource of information. The site includes:

• Availability list

• Hours of operation

• Contact Info

• Location

• Employment opportunities

• Events (Upcoming: March 5th, What to “Eat” Now, and March 19th, What to “Plant” Now)

• Plant of the month

I will admit I am constantly using technology to better understand gardening. When you come into Ashland Greenhouses or send me an email, I may not know the answer. I will however get out my phone and look it up. The information superhighway is a great source. Call me old school, but I still love to sit and study my books and magazines with the warm spring sun coming through my south facing window.

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