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Hi my name is Angela Rose. I’d like to take this special holiday time to introduce myself and the work of Myofascial Release. I feel so much gratitude to be offering my support and healing to you, your friends, family and loved ones.

I have spent my adult life since 1999 studying and practicing the healing arts. I am fascinated by the human body and its innate potential to heal. As I continue to study anatomy, kinesiology and the advanced techniques of Myofascial Release, I embody deeper levels of understanding. Integration = Embodiment. I have immersed myself in MFR, this body of work, to learn, practice, explore and share from a place of deep intuitive sense. Myofascial Release is the most effective therapy I’ve found.

Myofascial Release is a gentle, safe whole-body specialty treatment proven highly successful in reducing or eliminating acute and chronic pain by releasing restrictions within the fascial system. If you are suffering from chronic pain due to inflammation, poor posture, trauma, surgeries, falls, sports injuries or repetitive motion injuries, and have not found relief through medical pain management modalities and procedures, MFR is the answer.

Specializing in treating conditions that have not responded to traditional therapeutic methods, medications, injections or surgeries, MFR provides you with an individualized and comprehensive care plan to return you to a healthy life by addressing physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of pain. MFR works for you.

When you bring your attention to your body and notice your breath, you become aware. You begin to notice areas in your body that feel stiff, tense, achey, tight. These are signs that your fascia is restricted. Does the pain show up when you are stressed or feeling a lot? Are there places where you’d like to feel better? If you are in pain, I can help. Sometimes pain can be challenging, scary or hard to navigate. It’s so important to find relief, to restore balance and alignment so that you can regain your strength, vitality and health. If you or your loved ones have pain and are looking for healing, now is the time to invest in your body.

Awareness and presence heals. When we pay attention from a place of love and compassion we hold a space for healing to occur. When we practice body awareness, we access our potential. We are more present so we can make better choices that support our health. When we take time out to attend to our bodies’ needs, we realize how much our body does for us.

The Sol state of fascia is fluid, hydrated and collagen-rich. In your Sol state your movements flow like water. In your prime, vital state your fascia passes information easily, nutrients, blood, wastes. The elastic, pliable, hydrated nature of your fascia is restored with Myofascial Release. MFR puts you into alignment and balance. You will feel more comfortable in your body and ready to live your life.

Happy Holidays to You and Your Loved Ones,

Angela Rose Sol Bodyworks

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