Myofascial Release Intensives MFR Extreme Conditions

Your body is an integrated whole, working in harmony to move you wherever you go. Your fascial system allows you mobility or rigidity. Your motions are as fluid as your fascial matrix. When your tissue is released you will feel connectivity in your body, mind, emotions and consciousness. When you have pain in your body this is your body talking to you, it is time to stop and listen. The body’s intelligence is vast and has messages for you. When you can tap intuit, you can clear and release restrictions to find and act more from your essential nature.

Myofascial Release is a specialized technique that helps people recover trauma and injury. I have been working with people with severe conditions with excellent results. I have been treating several clients with extreme conditions including scoliosis. One of my clients is at 30% curvature of the spine, their rib cage is 4 inches to the side of the pelvis. Each session with her we shift and change fascial planes to move her back to her center. Each muscle in its original position had taken on a different job and the twists and knots that had developed over her more than 70 years melted at a very fast pace. Each day she was coming back more in vertical and horizontal alignment. We dealt with the injuries she had throughout her life and released the fascial restrictions as they arose in different parts of her body.

Over 10 sessions she had significant relief in pain, she was more active and able to do her work and had enough energy to play. Her gait was more even and her posture both standing up taller and more symmetry from left to right.

Your body is an architectural masterpiece and your fascial system is the building material. If you think of the body as a building, stacking in segments from the ground up, we are looking for symmetrical even tension from left to right, front to back. When something is out of alignment the body has to balance that out by creating restriction on the opposite side as it stacks up. So a little bit of tension in the feet can transfer to the neck and have created restriction often in a zigzag pattern up through the ankle, knee, hip, low, mid back, shoulders neck & head. Basically where there is a joint, there is a stack. Each time the fascia breaks in repair it can often over patch, which can create further restriction. Yes, these restrictions link through the matrix furthering its tension patterns and restricting and bracing. This is why it is so important to get treated.

MFR reorganizes your tissues and differentiates the muscles from one another so that they are more effectively functioning in their specific role.

My name is Angela Rose and I have been studying and practicing bodywork since 1999, I became a Rolfer in 2004. I practice Myofascial Release because the results speak for themselves. I read your body and can effectively & positively change your body’s structure.

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