News Alert: Mysterio’s MonkeyMind Artifact Discovered by Secret Book Club

When we last left them, the Secret Book Club kids had opened the Time Travel Portal at Ashland Springs Hotel. The activation of the Time Travel artifact released a number of characters from the past and the future into the streets of Ashland. Most terrifying was the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Cretaceous Period. The T-Rex made its escape to ScienceWorks Museum. In their pursuit of this predator through the museum the kids have discovered a crystal orb with the mysterious words: Mysterio’s MonkeyMind. Ashland kids will use the artifact as part of the writing and goal-setting community game Mysterio’s MonkeyMind Museum: Choose Curiosity (Story Genre: Mystery) beginning April 30.

The community is invited to play along. Stop by TreeHouse Books at 15 North Main St to pick up your MonkeyMind Gameboard (free) or Kit ($). The Gameboard uses the hero’s journey storyline to guide players to write a story and/or achieve a goal within 30 days. May gameplay theme is Mystery and will feature a daily writing or goal-setting story prompt shot on location at ScienceWorks. Sign up at to receive the clues in your inbox.

The clubs favorite MYSTERY BOOKS are listed there as well.

This is the second community game hosted by the The Secret Book Club. Future games include:
Storytellers Theater: Choose Happiness (Genre: Fantasy)
Power Pet Prom: Choose Love (Genre: Romance/Relationship)
Action Hero School: Choose Health (Genre: Adventure)

The Secret Book Club answers the question: What happens when the world of books and imagination merges with ordinary reality? The Secret Book Club is writing the fictional adventures of a secret club, whose young members discover doorways into a Secret World, where invisible energies create the future of our world.

Auspicious Dates in May include:
April 30: Mysterio’s MonkeyMind Game Begins!
May 1st: May Day! Deliver a posy of flowers to a friend
May 2: 1st Friday Mystery Celebration – come as your favorite detective
May 3: Make Mother’s Day gifts @ downtown participating kid stores 1:30pm
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
May 11: Mother’s Day
May 14: Full Monkey Moon
May 26: Memorial Day
May 28: Storyteller New Moon
May 31: STORYTELLER’S THEATER Portal Game Begins
Watch our TreeHouse Ashland Oregon Facebook page for upcoming events in May.
This month’s Mysterio endorsed Mystery Stories:
Mr. Wuffles by David Wiesner (2014 Caldecott Honor) ages 5 to 8.
Doll Bones by Holly Black (2014 Newbery honor) for ages 10-14
One Came Home by Amy Timberlake (2014 Newbery Honor) for ages 10 and up
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkins for ages 14 and up
Paper Towns by John Green for ages 14 and up

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