Tips for Perennials

March is one of the best months to plant perennials.  Planting in early spring allows for good root development, enabling the plant to survive the heat of summer.   Here are some tips for buying and caring for perennials to ensure gardening success:

Seasonal Color:

  • Shop the garden centers a little each month and buy what’s in color.
  • Incorporate annuals into perennial beds for added interest and color.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Amend soil with compost or planting mix.
  • Use a mulch to help hold in moisture and prevent weeds.  
  • Avoid planting in areas w/ poor soil and drainage.
  • Plant according to label recommendations.
    • Sun, shade, part shade –  If it says part shade you’ll want to make sure it gets protection from hot afternoon sun.
    • Careful with spacing – most perennials don’t reach full size until their 3rd or 4th year.
  • Water well at planting time – but do not overwater once established.
  • Slightly cut back after 1st bloom cycle – encourages 2nd and possibly 3rd bloom cycle.
  • Cut back dead growth in winter or early spring.
  • Fertilize twice a year – spring and late summer with an all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Disease prevention:
    • Water in the mornings, if possible do not water overhead.
    • Throw away any plant material with powdery mildew or rust – do not compost it.

To learn more about early season gardening, come to our free class March 12th @ 10:00am. I’ll talk more about perennials and tell you about early season annuals as well. Call to sign up, as space is limited: 541-482-2866.

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