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Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks

Preparing for warm-weather crops has officially arrived. Sometimes, certain vegetables do better when planted near other particular plants. Let’s go over a few examples!


A lot of people are familiar with marigolds being a great flower to plant alongside tomatoes, but did you know why? Marigolds release a chemical compound called limonene (which is also a component found in citrus peels), this acts as a pest deterrent. Whiteflies are particularly not fond of limonene, and tend to steer clear of established marigolds, as well as their tomato plant neighbors. 


Catnip, also known as Nepeta, is widely known as an insect repellent. Some all-natural bug sprays have catnip as the first ingredient. Catnip as a companion plant has been known to repel flea beetles. And if it is planted near a sitting area, it is also known to repel mosquitos!  

Nasturtiums, Cosmos, and Zinnias are all excellent additions to a vegetable garden, as they attract pollinators, while also luring certain pests away from your prized vegetable harvest.


Speaking of pollinators, if you missed the last newsletter about pollinator gardens, be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter right to your inbox, once a month, so you never miss out! You also have access to more information like our current plant availability, featured plants, and a myriad of other resources at 

You may be lucky enough to have a plot of land to plant your crops in this year, or even a raised garden bed. If not, have no fear, you can plant SO MANY vegetables successfully in containers! Even if you do have a ton of garden space to plant everything you want, it is still fun to have potted plants around a deck or a patio. Most greens- lettuces, kales, arugula, will do fantastic in containers. Tomatoes and cucumbers will produce very well, considering their container is large enough. Radishes, turnips, peppers, and eggplant are all troopers when it comes to container gardening as well.

No matter how much space you have, or you don’t have, creating a fruitful garden is entirely possible, considering you have enough sunshine, water, and patience. Stop by today to pick up some veggie starts, seeds, beautiful flowers, or some extra soil. If you have any questions, send us an email to  

Hope to see you soon,

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