Winter with Ashland Parks & Recreation

Have you had a chance to get out and ice skate with us? This season we are featuring something for everyone! Check out our lineup of NEW programming:

  Cheap Skates (skate rentals just .50/ea)

  Frozen Tots (youngsters ages 13 and under skate to music and take part in special activities)

  Advanced Skate (hard and fast skating)

  Learn to Skate (beginning lessons with experienced instructors for participants as young as three years of age)

  Quiet Ice (a slow-paced Adapted Program)

  Expanded Youth Hockey programs

  Traditional programming such as Rec Skate (formerly Open Skate), School/Youth Groups and more.

Visit our website for a complete listing of programs, You may also reach the rink directly at 541.488.9189 or call the main office at 541.488.5340.

The outdoor rink, a division of Ashland Parks & Recreation, is located at 95 Winburn Way, across from the Lithia Park playground, around the corner from the Plaza, and at the corner of Nutley Street and Winburn Way. We hope you can experience one of the most magical places in Ashland… that little outdoor rink in beautiful Lithia Park, where the air is fresh, the white lights are twinkling and the music blends with the sounds of nature and blades on ice… “Let’s skate!”

Did you know we have a new park and trail finder web app? Go to our home page at, or directly to, to check it out. The new web app highlights all of the parks and open spaces we manage. You can find basic information, including addresses and park hours, in addition to a complete list of park amenities. A photo gallery is offered for most locations. The app also features trails, including trail names and distances for each highlighted segment.

Change is in the air… Beginning with our Summer 2015 Recreation Guide coming out in April. We will no longer direct-mail our guide to EVERY Ashland and Talent household. If you would like to continue to receive a guide in your mailbox, please complete the online form at, email us at or give us a call at 541.488.5340. Online guides are always available at

To learn more about Ashland Parks & Rec, visit, call 541.488.5340 or speak with staff directly at our office in upper Lithia Park, 340 S Pioneer St.

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“We’ll see you in the Park and on Facebook!”

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Ashland Parks And Recreation

The City of Ashland Parks & Recreation (APR) Department was established to provide recreational opportunities to improve the quality of life for area residents and visitors. Our goals are to strengthen the community fabric and sense of place for youth, adult, and visitor populations; to promote health and wellness; to foster human development; to increase cultural unity and to protect our valuable natural resources. APR meets these goals through preserving, maintaining, and enhancing our recreational facilities, parks, and open spaces while also coordinating engaging programs, classes, public events, and festivals.

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