February Fun

I know that February can seem too early for some to start gardening… but there is lots to get excited about! This month we are going to be doing a lot of planting up in our main greenhouse. We are also planting thousands of other beautiful baskets and early spring veggie starts behind the scenes. It is such a feeling to see the space go from empty to overflowing with life. You can find our perennials outside right now. We grow our perennials for this season in a heated greenhouse until they have strong roots, then we move them outside to acclimate them to the weather. This makes them ready to plant outside in your yards. We recommend planting perennials in early spring to give the plant ample time to establish a root system before the weather warms up.


February is also a month that we receive tons of stuff to keep us stocked up for the season. A selection of seed packets from Livingston Seeds, a variety of planters for container gardening (including window boxes!), and even a few new bagged soil mixes so you can find the perfect match for your needs. It is a great time to wander around the greenhouse and ponder the possibilities of what can be! Check back often to get a glimpse of everything as we plant it up. 

Valentine’s day is fast approaching… Consider buying a friend or loved one a living flower this year! Our cyclamen that we grow are a perfect gift-size, a miniature variety in a 4.5” pot. They are blooming in “Valentine’s colors” reds, pinks, whites, magentas and coral. Cyclamen can thrive indoors if given enough sunlight, and it also does well outdoors. Primroses would also be a very sweet gift. I suggest the yellow ones because they smell the sweetest, even though yellow isn’t a traditional valentine’s color. Maybe someone would prefer a jade plant or a succulent? We planted over 24 varieties of succulent cuttings this past September, and they have all done really well.

We will be adding new varieties to our stock every week! You check our availability list on our website under “Availability List” at the top of the page. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see highlights of our favorite plants of the moment. We are so excited to start off the growing season with you! Call us at (541) 482-2866 or email us at with any questions. 

Happy gardening,

Sarah Messenger

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