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October brought some interesting weather patterns to the Rogue Valley area that made fall planting a bit easier. We had some very warm days with cool nights and a touch of rain sprinkled in, all of which made for ideal planting for fall color and vegetable starts. As we move into cooler temperatures, and we transition our garden spaces and containers to winter survival you might think there’s not much in the way of color to help get us gardeners through the gray days. It’s true that your outdoor spaces may be ready to get “tucked away” until spring, but there’s plenty to add a bit of cheer and color inside.

We have a great selection of Cyclamen that come in a vibrant array of whites, pinks, violets, and reds. They make a great sunny windowsill plant and bring a cheerful pop of color to your indoors. Christmas Cactus is another seasonal favorite. We planted a large variety of these customer favorites this year. Christmas Cactus need plenty of natural light to bloom so keep this beauty in a sunny window as well. A couple of other helpful tips for both plants is to not overwater either one. Manually check the soil and if there’s any moisture to the soil then let it dry out before you water them. Your Christmas Cactus has roots that need a lot of oxygen so the soil should not be kept constantly wet. Both beautiful plants want a warm even temperature and are not frost hardy.

Of course, the brightest of the holiday season flowers are Poinsettias! Here at Ashland Greenhouses, we have been growing our beautiful Poinsettias since July and they look incredible. There are so many different colors, sizes, and leaf shapes that it makes it hard to choose a favorite. I’m always drawn to burgundy myself as it looks more like a Victorian-era poinsettia. This season we have that beautiful burgundy as well as shades of white, hot pink, traditional red, that incredible red with white splashes and many more.

To celebrate the holidays and start our season off with a cheerful bang we are excited to announce that we will be holding our Poinsettia Festival once again! This fun event will be on Saturday, December 2, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Join us inside the warm greenhouses for snacks, beverages, festive music, and Poinsettias of course. Shop local vendors for handcrafted goods. We will have a beautiful, staged area for photos and Santa will be making an appearance.

As always, we at the Greenhouses are here to answer your gardening questions and provide the best plants and products for your garden spaces. If you are interested in being a vendor at our festival, please reach out to our Retail Manager Rona by calling the Greenhouses @ 541-482 2866 or send an email to

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