Summer Planting

Welcome summer! We’ve had some sunshine and warmer days and with that a lot of customers coming in asking for heat loving plants. As we well know, summers in Southern Oregon can have some intense, dry heat. Our lack of humidity can actually be harder on the plants than the hot summer days. Beyond a plant that can tolerate the heat and low humidity we also like to have a plant that continues to look good throughout the summer. Listed are a few of my favorites but there are many more that do great in our climate:



Always a local favorite. Not just because of its garden performance and lasting color but because the deer don’t eat them! Their rough, almost sandpaper texture is undesirable for deer thus, making them one of our top sellers.


There are so many varieties of salvia both annual and perennial that are great for our area. They come in a wide array of colors and sizes and perform great in both flower beds and containers. Bees, Butterflies, and Hummingbirds love Salvia!


This is a great trailing plant for containers, rock walls, and as a ground cover. Although Homestead Purple is the hardiest variety there are many gardeners that have had luck with verbena coming back after a mild winter. In the summer you’ll typically see Swallowtail butterflies enjoying the flowers.

Hummingbird Trumpet

Also known as California Fuchsia, Zauschneria ‘Orange Carpet’ is a favorite of locals. It makes a great summer blooming ground cover with its vibrant orange fuchsia like flowers. It’s deer- and drought-resistant with the added bonus that it attracts Hummingbirds like crazy!


Achillea ‘Moonshine’ in particular is another great deer-resistant and drought-tolerant perennial. This yarrow doesn’t fizzle out in the summer like some of its close relatives. It also has a silvery foliage that stands out nicely against the bright yellow flowers.


Remember as you plant in this heat or are maintaining your beds and containers to try and avoid planting in the hottest part of the day. It’s also best to water in the mornings rather than the evenings to help prevent disease.

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