2003 Audi RS6 Quattro

If you have ever had the opportunity to travel on the freeway of Germany known as the Autobahn then you probably know what fast really is. I remember hitchhiking with some friends in Europe some time ago and got a ride with a guy driving an Opel something or other. The model slips my memory as do a lot of other pertinent information but the ride I will never forget. This car was rather rough around the edges and no matter how hard you tried it would never become a diamond. The driver was friendly enough to give us a ride but I thought his car was going to shake to pieces while traveling at close to 100mph! This car was unsafe at any speed let alone triple digits and had no business venturing into that realm!

I was in my early 20’s at the time and I don’t recall being afraid of going fast but all I kept thinking was what good is a seatbelt if there is nothing left of the car to hold the seat?

I was gracious for the ride and happy I survived it. It was then I realized there is only one way to go fast on the Autobahn and Audi seemed to read my mind by later producing the Legendary RS6.

For those of you who have never driven an Audi I encourage you to do so. I know you have heard the horror stories about how they accelerate whenever they want to or how their electrical systems spontaneously explode for no apparent reason. Ahh but to drive one is like surgically attaching the vehicle to your hands, butt, and feet. Audi has achieved the perfect balance between practical transportation and transportation exhilaration. It is like the perfect balance of coffee bean and cocoa bean or Grey Goose and olive juice. Those for whom the balance scale has tipped a bit to the bland side may want to step up to Audis RS6 Quattro. This car is for experienced drivers only and eats up pavement for breakfast. Built by Audis hotrod private subsidiary company Quattro GmbH it represents all of the companies engineering prowess and ingenuity wrapped up in their midsize A6 sedan. This car proudly waves the flag for the Audi brand.

This rare RS6 was spied at my shop in Phoenix and its owner Jack gave me a nice birthday gift. He let me drive it! This executive sedan powered by a beast of an engine displaces 4.2 liters, wears twin turbochargers, and pumps out 444 horses and 413 foot pounds of torque is a monster. Of course, I romped on it and the engine wailed only the way a v8 can and I could feel the tires and asphalt protest in agony! The RS6s taut suspension kept the larger sedan planted on the road and begged to be driven hard but we kept it legal. This car has all the right bits in all the right places with aluminum body parts up front and carbon fiber trim everywhere. Jack’s car is truly one of a kind in this valley and is as nice to look at, as it is to drive. For those of you who need to get your dog to the park before anyone else this car also comes in a wagon.

Happy Motoring!!!

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Aaron Bloch

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