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Toyota Prius

I’ve done my fair share of Prius bashing here on Car of the Month and maybe it’s time to analyze why I do so. It’s not that it is a bad car rather quite the contrary. Toyota spent a fortune on research and development of the Prius and it was under public scrutiny from the get go. And, being a new technology the Hybrid had to work and work well, as Toyota’s reputation was on the line. So, when the half battery, half engined little car rolled out of showroom floors across America onto open roads it proved it was reliable. It also got decent fuel economy as intended.

Aston Martin DB9

Do you remember a little car known as Herbie? Let me rattle your memory banks. Herbie was that cute, white, 1963 VW Bug, adorned with racing stripes and the number 53 and had a life of its own. Herbie, who was often seen winning races, battling villains, and even match-making, seemed to also get into […]

BMW 8 Series

You may remember the article of the shark car. BMW’s venerable and classy 635csi, aka the “Shark”, had a successful run for a decade or so but was put to rest in 1989. That left a hole in BMW’s line-up and BMW enthusiasts had to look elsewhere to buy a sporty 2-door coupe. Of course, BMW […]

1953 Studebaker Starliner Commander

It never ceases to amaze me what sort of special cars are hiding in garages in and around Ashland. Take my neighbors for example. There is one gentleman who has been slowly restoring an early Porsche 930. This rare 80’s turbocharged sports car is a monster to drive and every Porsche enthusiast dream. Another neighbor […]

Idle Emission Awareness Month

A friend mine, who also is a member of the Ashland Conservation Commission, recently approached me with her concerns of emissions coming from a car while idling for extended time. Quite frankly, I had never given it much thought. I always felt a little guilty letting my car warm up in the winter to defrost […]

1927 Bentley 6.5 Liter YF4648

We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. Originally told in 16th Century France, and capitalized on by Disney in 1991, is the story of a beauty with a pure heart and a beast with a secret to hide. As in any Disney classic good versus evil find eventual harmony in this happily […]

BMW 635CSi

I can hear the music beat in my head “duh-dunt…….duh-dunt…….duh-dunt..dunt-dunt dunt dunt dunt”. Next the vision that will forever be etched in my mind of the hapless skinny dipper being ravage by a deep sea creature in Peter Benchley’s mega-hit movie “Jaws”. The star of this 1975 block-buster, a 25 foot Great White shark, terrorizes […]

Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce

Well if you dig deep into the Car of the Month archives you will discover an article about the Lamborghini Gallardo. In this article we dabbled in the history of Ferruccio Lamborghini and discussed his frustrations as a Ferrari owner. His build a better Ferrari ambition ultimately led to his own automotive creations branding his […]

1949 Bentley Mark VI/Hooper

The date is late 1948 and the place is Crewe, Cheshire, England. Two chassis were ordered from Bentley Motors Limited by a then well-known British coach builder Hooper.  Hooper was contracted by a very special customer to build a very special car. Who was Bentley Motors Limited and why was Hooper ordering two un-bodied chassis […]

TUONO – The Ride of a Lifetime

The morning was cool for being mid-summer. I met the usual suspects, Craig and Brian, at the usual meeting place, a gas station in the south of Ashland, for a Sunday morning ride. We meet at this location often as it resides on highway 66, a twisting, mountainous road that gracefully leads us to a […]

Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

We all have been camping. What I find interesting about camping is some people actually do it on purpose. These folks seem to enjoy the challenge of not only finding where to put the tent poles but actually enjoy finding a nice, flat, smooth piece of real estate on the side of a mountain to […]

Volvo C303

Have you ever been to the Ashland Food Co-op and found yourself battling for parking space? It is a funny phenomenon that seems to happen around lunch and dinner time. You find yourself craving a hemp soy protein smoothie with a wheat grass beet juice shot chaser and decide the co-op is your lunch destination. […]

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

The post war economic boom produced a fall-out of many must have items. Take the 1950’s personal Bomb Shelter for example. This clever invention guaranteed the survival of the modern day family from nuclear proliferation.  Another very handy device known as the credit card was also invented at this time and the banks have never […]

Volvo V70R

Let’s face it we car lovers like to read about the expensive, the fast, the exotic, and the rare. We don’t want to read about cars that are practical, economical, slow and mundane. Writing about a Prius for example would probably be more suitable for bedtime material. If you own a diesel powered Volkswagen you […]

The new “X” ca

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a car that could totally relieve us of foreign oil dependence? How about a car that would rid us of any petroleum dependence at all? Yeah, I know what you are thinking electric cars are already the answer. Well, who wants to plug their car into an electric […]

Maserati Coupe

Brothers, brothers, brothers, the world is full of famous ones. There were the Marx brothers who made “talkies” all the rage. There were the Kennedy brothers whose lives were all but unfulfilled. Our very own town of Ashland has an eatery named after the male kindred. I never had the pleasure of having a brother […]

1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Type 101

If you mention the name Alfa Romeo to commoners you will likely get a blank look on their face. It is the kind of look you see on the face of our local wild pet deer as you almost run it over. Que non-car guy or gal as to what an Alfa Romeo is and […]

New Beetle Convertible

The blood that flows through a car enthusiast veins is of a different kind. Forget about the O’s and A’s or the negatives and positives. It can’t be donated or transfused. It is a blood that flows with adrenaline at the mere sight of high performance exotics like Ferrari’s Enzo, McLaren’s F1, or Porsche’s GT3RS. […]

1958 Lincoln Premier

I’m not sure any of you remember the 80’s car-cult movie that starred a menacing 1958 Plymouth Fury known as Christine. In the movie, Christine had a very dark past that started early in her life right on the assembly line. One worker was injured when her hood slammed down on his hand and another […]

The Moonshine Luv Shack

As we all know, in modern design form must follow function. This law of design can be likened to the laws of physics – “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” or “e=mc²”. These teachings of Newton and Einstein exist in our lives without cause for concern because they are doing their […]

Brammo Enertia

Okay, so you want to reduce your carbon foot print. You could hold your breath for a while but I think that would cause complications. How about walking a little more and driving a little less. My kid’s dentist insists I take up the sport of walking. Well, walking is fine but if your daily […]

Gulfstream III

Okay so today’s car-of-the-month really isn’t a car at all. It is more about transportation. We all know a car in its simplest form is designed to get you from point “A” to point “B” reliably and safely. Some cars will get you there more quickly than others, and some will get you there in […]

Porsche 928GTS

What does one of the most famous sports car manufactures do when their star car tends not to burn so bright? In the early seventies, Porsche’s baby the 911, hit a North American sales slump. The 911 being a pure sports car was a handful to drive and noise and emission regulations were becoming more […]

Bigfoot Monster Truck

Everyone should have a guilty pleasure. Some take delight in a chunk of dark chocolate. Maybe it is an extra shot in your already heavily caffeinated latté or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. It might not be food at all! It may be snuggling up to a trashy novel filled with the stories of […]

2003 Audi RS6 Quattro

If you have ever had the opportunity to travel on the freeway of Germany known as the Autobahn then you probably know what fast really is. I remember hitchhiking with some friends in Europe some time ago and got a ride with a guy driving an Opel something or other. The model slips my memory […]

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

There are few iconic brands born in America that have changed the world we live in. We, as Americans, can be proud of the fact that our forefathers were first to invent the Twinkie, first to design a machine that can fly, first to discover how to split the atom, and first to discover how […]

Honda Civic Coupe

How many times have you heard the famous line “when I was a kid blah blah blah┝ and it was usually followed by some dull story about whatever it was that that person had to deal with when they were a kid. It could have been a story about walking to school bare-footed both ways […]

The Fast and the Furious

This month’s Car of the Month is not a car at all. This is a vehicle of the two-wheel kind of which I am more passionate about than the four-wheeled variety. This is a vehicle that made Marlin Brando tough, Steve McQueen a stud, and the Hells Angels scary.We are talking about a vehicle that […]

DoKa for Sure!

Years ago I decided to dismantle retired Volkswagen buses and resell hard to find parts and paraphernalia. At the time there was (and probably still is) a fever to restore the old VW buses and make them better than new. The value for these restored buses have become astounding and original or NOS (new old […]

Smart Car?

So I goggled the definition of smart and I was impressed of my knowledge of the word. I knew that someone with a high IQ is considered smart. If your trying to break loose a rusty nut with a wrench and it slips allowing your knuckles to bash against the next nearest solid object that […]

1942 Lincoln Continental

A lot of us grow up in the shadows of our fathers, always looking for his approval or trying to upstage his accomplishments. Imagine for a moment if your father was Henry Ford the inventor of the Model T!He was one of the most pioneering men of the 20th Century and gave motoring the launching […]

Jaguar XJ6

Let’s talk about cats for a moment. I have two living in my house which may be two too many. The oldest cat, Sadie, kinda reminds me of a bulldog. You know short legs, stocky, and a cropped tail. She has mellowed over the years but touch her funny short tail and she’ll remind how […]

1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment. It was a cool day late in November, Thanksgiving as a matter of fact, when a boy-wonder was born. In the midst of labor while my mom surely was seriously questioning herself as to why she would even consider bringing a 4h child into this […]

Porsche GT3

There is no substitute. Everyone who has seen the movie Risky Business, with the not so well known at the time Tom Cruise, knows exactly what I’m talking about. It wasn’t the call girl who Tom’s character Joel fell in love with. It wasn’t the Faberge Egg that the mother cared more for than her […]

Chrysler PT Cruiser

The first thing that comes to mind regarding this month’s car is God Bless America. Even the greatest countries in the world can be automotively challenged and the USA is no exception. No one in my generation will ever forget the 70’s automotive faux pas known as the AMC Pacer, AMC Gremlin and of course the […]

Scion xB

If you are looking for a car that speaks longevity, quality, reliability, sterility, resale ability and your median age is 54 (no kidding I did the research), you most likely will buy a Toyota. If you have a few more bucks to spend and you want a little more luxury and performance, you may buy […]


Y2K. Remember the big scare of the turn of this century. Computer hard drives were going to crash, airplanes were going to fall from the sky, food and water couldn’t be purchased because of some wacky bar code that couldn’t be scanned and bank accounts were going to suddenly disappear overnight. I remember waking up […]

Chevrolet C5 Corvette Drop Top

American’s like it big. We like big houses, big fries, big jugs of coke, big waists, big butts, block-buster movies and of course big cars. This couldn’t be more evident from the cars that were being pumped out of Detroit in the early 50’s. Giant Cadillacs adorning monstrous fins with lazy automatic transmissions. humungous Buicks […]

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Is that a Hummer? No, maybe it’s a VW Thing on steroids. Remember the VW Thing? Wait a minute that looks like a Mercedes-Benz 3 pointed star in the grill. Well I’ll be, it is a Mercedes! Must be something left over from the Panzer Tank division from WWII. I think if General Patton came […]

Volvo 122

What is it with Volvo’s? You’ve seen those boxy cars that are hard to distinguish from an oversized brick with wheels and their brakes shrieking in such a tone you think your teeth are going to shatter. It’s seems it’s the car that just won’t die. There are not too many cars running around with over […]