Scion xB

If you are looking for a car that speaks longevity, quality, reliability, sterility, resale ability and your median age is 54 (no kidding I did the research), you most likely will buy a Toyota. If you have a few more bucks to spend and you want a little more luxury and performance, you may buy Toyota’s upscale brand, Lexus. If you are about 39 (most likely younger) and are more worried about audio equipment that is iPod compatible than what the car looks like, then you most likely will buy a Scion xB.

Scion is Toyota’s marketing brainchild to offer a utilitarian vehicle to the generation Y crowd. This causes me confusion as a logical name for the car would be the yB but I guess that doesn’t roll off the tongue well. So, Toyota came up with the X car for the Y generation. It seems to me the designers became more concerned as to which generation they would build a car for than building a car that looks, well, not like a box. How clever is that? I’m sure the car is nice and roomy and has cool and clever storage space for your iPod, iPhone, and notebook computer. I bet it even has ac/dc power ports every 6 inches, but quite frankly I’ve seen more style in an egg carton! As far as options are concerned you have the option to either buy it or not buy it. The Scion has a “Pure Price” which basically says this is the price and this is what you get. You want upgrades you got to do them yourself. Of course, Toyota is more than happy to sell you their accessories.

This Scion xB spotted here in the Rogue Valley is what I believe to be a Limited Edition (please correct me if I’m wrong) RS which is equipped with more than the standard options and includes the “Envy Green” paint job. It has an economical 1.5L engine that will probably outlast the Y generation and live well into the Z generation. I guess this post “boomer” has been a little critical of the xB and I’m sure it does what it was intended to do very well and that is to appeal to a crowd that likes a box on wheels. Now, if you look very closely at the picture you may notice the car very much resembles the building behind it!

Happy motoring!!!

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