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Special Enrollment Periods for

Did you miss your chance to sign up on the healthcare exchange for 2018?


You will now need to wait until the exchange reopens this November, to enroll for coverage for 2019.


Has Anything Changed Since You Enrolled for 2018?


Once you have enrolled in a Marketplace plan, you must report any changes to the Marketplace, as your coverage or eligibility for insurance affordability programs may be affected. What kinds of changes are included?


Increase or decrease in income

Changes in household size: marriage, birth of a child, adoption, divorce

Changes in address: moving into or out of the area

Losing or gaining employer based coverage


Changes should be reported as soon as possible, and no later than 60 days after the change.


Before You Sign up for COBRA- Check your options at


Consumers and their families who lose employer-sponsored coverage may: 1) enroll in a plan through the Marketplace, or 2) purchase health insurance for a limited time through a program called COBRA.


Coverage through If you leave your job for any reason, you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, if you act within 60 days of losing coverage. You may qualify for the tax credit, and other cost sharing reductions to make your coverage affordable.


COBRA coverage? Do not sign up for COBRA until you check out Having COBRA renders you ineligible for assistance from the COBRA may be much more expensive, and once you have accepted a COBRA plan, dropping it will leave you without coverage until 2016. Be careful!


Employers- avoid penalties and get a tax deduction for your company.


The SHOP Exchange is open! Find out about your opportunities and responsibilities under the new laws governing employee healthcare.


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