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Grilled Portabella Mushroom Salad

Serves 4 •  4 Portabella Mushrooms – gills removed •  1 shallot – minced •  2 garlic cloves – minced •  1 small bunch basil, tarragon and parsley – minced fine •  1/4 cup Barrel Aged Balsamic •  1/2 cup high quality Olive oil •  Salt and pepper to taste •  8 ounces melting cheese […]

Oooh Cherry Cherry Baaaaby!!

Every year around this time my friend Jois invites me to go cherry picking at Valley View Nursery.  If you haven’t had a chance to go and pick your own fruit be sure you do this sometime.  My only word of warning is that you may get carried away and come home with several pounds […]

It all Began with a Cookie, Amarena Cherry Cookie that is!

It all started innocently enough with a fellow foodie coming into the shop with a marzipan cookie.  She asked me “how do you make this?”  After trying the cookie I realized this would be a fun recipe to recreate.  She told me that the bakery in California had called them “Cherry Cookies” because they contained […]

J-Rock Chicken

One of our great friends, Jonathan, loved to make this chicken for us. I added a sauce I had in one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Sausalito and this has become a staple in our house. We call this “J-Rock Chicken” after Jonathan’s nickname. J-Rock Chicken 1 roasting chicken cut into pieces 3 large […]

Fellow Foodies

Unusual ingredients are finding their way into many dishes and cooking magazines are featuring these in ways many people are just learning about.  The recipe this month uses Aleppo Pepper, Pomegranate Molasses and Preserved Lemons all of which are available at The Culinarium.  These items create a different flavor profile known in Middle Eastern cooking. […]

Roasted Sweet Onion with Lamb

March has come in like a lion with more snow and rain, rain, and more rain.  When the weather is like this, comfort food still reigns supreme in our home.  The following is an easy recipe that uses ground lamb and sweet onions.  Adding a pre-prepared lamb demi-glace makes it special without adding any extra […]

March Recipes

Palm oils have been in the news lately. Palm oils are said to be bad for your health, the environment and are costly to both.  A very popular spread is Nutella and it has palm oil as one of its ingredients.  If you are a big fan but want to avoid palm oil, use this […]

February Recipes

By Constance Jesser What an interesting start to the year we have had here in Southern Oregon. Thirteen inches of snow and then snowbound at home for 3 days. It was time to go through the cupboards and freezer to make breakfast, lunches, and dinners. Fortunately we had a few supplies on hand and weren’t […]

Paccheri with Onion, Guanciale and Ricotta

Most people naturally think of tomato sauce for pastas.  I have a friend who is very allergic to tomatoes and this pasta is filling, different and satisfying.   We just happened to have all of this on hand one night for a dinner.  Our guests were pleasantly surprised.   Paccheri means “slap” in Italian for the […]

Happy Eating Season

The weather has shifted and the eating season has begun.  We continue to expand our selection of cookware and kitchenware as we know that Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching fast. We will be sharing so much culinary love that I am gaining weight thinking about it.  We are prepared to help […]

Thank you Ashland. What a Fabulous Welcome!

Constance and I would like to start by saying a big hello and an even bigger thank you to all of our friends, both old and new, here and around Ashland. What a warm and welcoming beginning. We are blessed and quite grateful as we look forward to filling your hearts, stomachs and lives with […]