Heat. Fire. The SUN

How are you feeling in your heart? Are you allowing your heart the full capacity and space it needs to express your truth, your vulnerable self outwards for all to know who you truly are? Allow the crescendo of summer, assisted by the LION Heart energies of Leo, to melt your heart and flowing out with all of who you are, into full expression.

Pluto is sitting opposite the U.S. Chart’s SUN Sign …. demanding exposure, impressing upon each soul that makes this land a Country …. Where are all the Lions? Will we hear a few of them at least ROAR their truth? What is it going to take to wake up the many Souls of this country? The USA has nominated itself to be a Global Leader. It is the people who are the true leaders, who will make the truth be known … are you a one who will speak out, speak up, stand up and express your heart?

Use this month and the months through to the next Solstice to put into practice the Greater expression of you and your part in this Incredible Opportunity called LIFE on this earth NOW. You can make the difference. Together we all can.

If I can assist you in any way to unravel and unwind, to clear out from within that which still stands in your way, I am available. I am opening the Daystar Self Mastery School at the end of August. Expressions of interest are being accepted at this time. I do still have room in the group class, as the One on One program is full for now.

So what is your song, your note to call out into the world? What is it that most touches your heart? What is it that you really want to do but you keep putting on hold? We are now being launched into the ‘Evolution Revolution’ so lead with your heart and passion. It may be to hike the PCT or to assist children with a disability. Maybe it is to write to that Senator or Congressman about that subject that you just can’t let go of. Or, perhaps you are an unsung activist for reform.

Whatever it is for you … JUST DO IT.

“grab hold of a lightning bolt and get off your ass
rather than wait for the storm to pass
soar like a comet across the sky
aim for love and never ask why”
-Sri Gawn Tu Fahrn

Remember – We are the ones we have been waiting for. There is no 2nd coming ‘out there’ … it is only in going deep into your own heart that the magic is found. Muster your courage and endurance and lets all do our thing as best we can together. We all chose to be here at this time so NOW is the only time we have. Jump into life and get totally wet. Allow the warmth of your Lion Heart to flow out and touch your world with passion.

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