Invitation to a Visual Journey Meditation

Allow yourself to venture out of what is ‘your normal’ and come on an adventurous journey …

Seeing a cascade of light that penetrates deep into your Soul; allow this light to seep in; sinking into the innermost places. Plunge into the light now as if it is a pool of the smoothest silk-like caress of the ocean. As you breathe, languish there. Now … we are going to submerge even deeper … dive down into the depths and go to all those places, those issues and stories that you have tucked away; kept from others and even from yourself. Allow them now to come all the way up to the surface. Float with them. Just float and be. Breathe; not doing anything. It is not so bad … and yet … those stories or issues are floating right next to you … breathe. Gently, allow the floating feeling to have its way with you, and without knowing it was coming … there is a large wave that has just this moment washed over you. Allow the bubbles, the effervescent feeling, to settle. Feel your body and breathe. Notice that the stories have been washed away. They have been pummeled by the wave and have disappeared into the foam to become one with the ocean.

The movement is settling and we begin again. In one big movement of Being, I want you to lift up all of who you think you are … strengths, weaknesses, all of it, and now pull the plug. Yes. Release it all. Let the you that you have been fall away, dissolving into the ocean. Release your cells; open them and flush out any old memories. Address and command any miasms to open and surrender. Lay down any last hesitation about what you can and cannot do, or be. Finish with any judgments and just be.

Know that you are a Divine and Sacred One like none other. Feel your codes rippling within you; awakening, activating, interacting with your nervous system, creating new relationships within you … Breathe.

See yourself as a One who knows the Truth. Who knows just what to do, and effortlessly, walks into the future. Your Future, and yet with the whole Collective. Be this One. See your future Self ahead of you. See yourself being all that you want to be, all needs being met. Now, connect your heart from the you now, with a laser beam, to the you in the future. Walk towards yourself and Breathe …

A small sample from my Visual Meditations … I invite you to come. I have seats and floor space for your preference. I give a little astrology of what is flavoring the moon then the Sacred transmission begins. Various Beings of Mastery join us also.

June’s Moon Meditations will be on the 12th & 26th of June @ 7pm.

I am planning to open the Ancient Lineage Mystery School in July online, September Live. I invite any and all to call regarding details of mentoring and class schedules. Call 541-613-7205.

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