Unwind the Soul

Can you feel the Quickening?
It is time to pull our heads out of the sand and finally wake up all parts of ourselves to all of who we have ever been across all time. We are Magnificent Beings of amazing creativity and power. The planet, our children and our children’s children, need us all to be on deck. To pay attention to all that is occurring right NOW.

The Door is Opening … are you ready to walk through it?
There is a tangible pressure, to feel relaxed in the true sense of the word. Throughout these weeks there is a Neptunian influence of Pisces; a deep fluid resonance available to all of us. Even as, the unrelenting Uranus Pluto Square insists that we surrender into a “letting it all go” mode.
Allowing all to fall away that is out of alignment to truth; making it no longer a priority. The superficial is becoming intolerable, indeed for anything that is not steeped in Love.

So what Matters?
Everything & anything that is founded in LOVE; that which embraces and includes the collective “WE Consciousness”, the children, our children, Our Planet. Much of the old is being called upon to be redressed, assessed and released. It may be that you need to reach out to a Body Worker, an acupuncturist or a Spiritual Intuitive such as myself, or another.

These times are also a CALL to the Heart to Honor and hold Sacred the very Core of Who We Are as Soul Essence. We hold so much within; so much beauty, power and absolute magnificence. It is time to allow these aspects and more to flow, expressing ourselves in truth into the world.

We all need each other and each other’s gift to SHINE. We need to trust ourselves. WE are the rescue team.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for. It is time to release all the Archetypes and just BE ourselves, expressing the full measure of LOVE that we are. No more doubts or hesitations.

If I can be of assistance in any way please don’t hesitate to call me. My work gives a wonderful launch for anyone, regardless of your spiritual experience. It is all about the heart and opening into the more.
The work is simple. Love is simple.
It does take effort and work even as the road Home to the Heart is achievable to those who want it.
Peace & Contentment is the reward.

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