Jeepers. How has your ‘April experience in life’ been for you?

It has been certainly been one of the biggest astrological configurations for many decades. A lot of pressure has been sent through the planetary realms directly to this earth plane. The Earth has indeed expressed herself in a variety of earthquakes, fires, mudslides and weather extravaganzas to free her authenticity. The same is occurring internally for many people. Much is being exposed and agitated to the surface of our energy fields, affecting us in a multitude of ways, be they emotional, mental or physically pressurized experiences, exposing much and revealing where we need to let go of old and redundant ways of being.

These energies illuminate where we are still hiding our light, ignoring our truth, shying away from our sovereignty. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

In order to ride these literal Tsunami Waves of Energy that will continue to roll on throughout this year and many more to come, we need to be crystal clear from the inside out, as to how we hold ourselves in relationship with ourselves. April has been all about relationship — how we relate to ourselves, others, our home and family, our authority and power.

I have recently been given a testimonial from a client here in Ashland who was feeling stuck and unsure as to how to move forward … “I feel more centered and certain about my soul’s purpose now, the images and descriptions Juliet shared with me have stayed with me, supporting my unfolding. I know my results wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because I had experienced coaching, hypnotherapy, group workshops, and shamanic journeys that brought me to a certain point. But the unique healing and insight Juliet offered me has affected me in a deep and lasting way.

Juliet has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to her sight and ability to communicate the dynamics within my many bodies.

After these sessions, I have felt significant change in my personal and professional life. I interact differently with my husband. I am more certain and clear about who I am and the gifts I bring. Thank you!!”


My work is rather different from other Healing modalities. I utilize Mysticism, Prayer & Power of the Spoken Word, Alchemy fired with Love, clearing Issues that reach into many, many lifetimes thus giving the lasting effect of being free of entrenched patterns, breaking mental, emotional habits that have been in gridlock. I am thoroughly committed to assisting and serving those who want to grow and deepen their alignment into Source. Having given thousands upon thousands of Healings over the last 20 years, a piercing sight across all time has been given to me so that I may assist those who wish to navigate all the way home into the Deep Heart.

Full Moon Group Meditation 14th & New Moon Group Meditation 28th May. Call 541-613-7205 to reserve your place @ The Sanctuary.

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